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А Security offers 24-hour armed and unarmed security guards throughout the country. Our security guards are highly trained professionals who can foresee and analyze any possible threats and dangers. Our guards are able to take adequate precautions and preventive tactical actions.

Our main goal is to support the business development of our clients by ensuring security and safety in their daily lives.

А Security is one of the leaders in the personal protection field. Our clients may be government officials, politicians, celebrities, industrialists, wealthy people, spiritual leaders and VIPs. All of them are sometimes exposed to a personal security risk due to a whole variety of reasons. In order to avoid any threats, it is important to protect them either physically, or secure the environment in which they live and work. A Security provides solutions to all such issues.

We know how to respect the personal comfort and living environment of our clients. We have professional teams who are extremely efficient in performing their duties.